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Mae's Musings

Ramblings of a wounded healer

The most important thing is this: "Be excellent to each other"

*Latest news* I love Alaska! Perhaps even enough to consider staying put for a while*

I am an only child. I am creative, imaginative, and a voracious reader. I am a healer (or a Nurse, by technical trade). I am a wanderer. I am a Pagan. I am full of curiosity and wonder for the world around me. I am insatiable for many things. I like to think I am a good friend, and care fiercely for my family, both of blood and choice. I am rather right-brained. I am not fond of censorship, of myself or others. I have had many life experiences: some good, some bad...all of which have made me a better person. I live by the Golden Rule, or the Rede, or whatever you may wish to call it. I want to meet people all over this Earth, and create even more connections to others. I want a lot.